Chauffeur Service for Private Jets and Helicopter Charter

“For reasons other than transportation.”

The chauffeur has always been a sign of convenience, luxury, and prestige, often one that remained inaccessible to the population at large. This proved doubly so for perceived high-class services like a chauffeur service for private jets and luxury helicopters in the tri-state area. While being able to hire a regular limousine service was certainly a marker of a remarkable lifestyle, being able to partake in these services for air transport proved to be a sign of the genuine elite.

One might surmise that perhaps air transport was indeed not just the most prestigious means of getting from Point A to Point B in the greater metropolitan area, it would also prove the fastest as it bypasses local congestion and issues such as noise, pollution and peak hour traffic. Historically, this was only made possible for those who were able to house their own vehicles, in this case, private jets and helicopters. In addition to the space and resources needed to keep, maintain and operate these vehicles, the drivers would need to be held as part of their full-time staff. This was to be seen, for an extended period, as the primary way to maintain exclusivity, loyalty and immediate convenience.

As with all things, economic progress and technological advancement have made a notable impact on the industry. There has been an increase in curiosity for alternatives to the classic model of stabling one’s fleet and drivers, and this begins to open up the possibility of luxury travel to a much broader base.

One way in which this happened is through outsourcing ownership of vehicles and hiring of drivers to quality companies to reduce cost. Even companies that own, manage and operate their assets started to offer models based on fractional ownership, as well as began to open the market for corporate clientele. As the reaches of luxury transport models, such as private planes and helicopters, began a new era of accessibility, traditional ground services, such as limo services, started to see large market growth.

With ground-based transport, for obvious reasons, being the most accessible to the growing middle-class of the past decades, clients began to demand quality services to match their high standards; even the upwardly-mobile started to consider chauffeur services as a realistic and prestigious alternative to typical transportation practices.

Now that there are a number of reputable companies offering luxury rental services to affluent clientele for both corporate and leisure travel, what are the benefits for choosing limo service over more conventional travel methods?

●    Dependability and accuracy. The tri-state area, in a way which separates it from most of the world’s great cities, does not allow for conventional taxis to be ordered ahead of time. Choosing a vetted limousine service with a trusted company, as well as their black car services, allows for clients to know when their car will arrive as well as what kind of vehicle will be waiting. Selecting a prearranged service gives clients peace of mind and confidence in their choice.

●    Dependability and comfort. Chauffeur services, such as those offered here at Bermuda Limousine International, offer a dependable and vetted amenity that caters to the needs of individual clients. Whether the need is for a stretch limo, a club van or luxury coaches, there will always be an option to suit. Every car arrives promptly and with the highest degree of customer service included as standard.

●    Vetted drivers. The great leaps that have taken in the industry have allowed clients to rest assured, even when with a driver not employed by themselves, involve the rigorous hiring standards maintained by companies such as Bermuda. Hiring a driver is a matter of trust, safety, and dependability, and regular options such as taxi cabs and Uber cannot provide the same level of security our customers expect and deserve.

●    Luxury. While the necessity to stable one’s own vehicles may be a thing of the past, a desire for taste, respect for tradition and the esteem of prestige will never pass away – all of which can most certainly be maintained even as one travels through the tri-state area. With elegant vehicles, roomy interiors, and quality CHAUFFEURS, Bermuda Limousine International provides everything necessary for inter-city transport and transfers.

With the increased accessibility of premium vehicles and services, this top of the line style is now open to all.

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Several Benefits of a Luxury Chauffeur Service – Luxury Base compared to Black Car, Livery, and Uber services

Several Benefits of a Luxury Chauffeur Service Luxury Base compared to Black Car, Livery, and Uber services

Choosing which type of service is needed to transport you for either business or pleasure can be a tricky decision, especially when there are so many choices. Each type of transportation service has its own benefits, and whether you live in an urban or rural environment, there is a service to suit your needs. Here we’ll compare the services offered to commuting customers by the likes of Uber, black car services, livery car services and luxury chauffeur service.

Luxury Base Chauffeur

A luxury base chauffeur service is by far the most professional outfit around when it comes to transportation, especially when it comes to living in a big city like New York. This type of service more than likely owns a garage base and the entirety of the fleet is owned and maintained by the company.

Each of the vehicles is emblazoned with the company’s emblems and vanity plates for that extra professional look and feel compared to other transportation services. This type of outfit also ensures that the highest levels of insurance are sought for each vehicle in the fleet, not just the bare minimum.

Chauffeurs report to work at the base and are assigned vehicles and jobs throughout the day. Professional chauffeurs prefer this style of service over the others due to higher wages and tips, quality of vehicles, and ability to serve affluent clientele. Chauffeurs in the company are uniformed with the company’s emblazoned logo.  A luxury base chauffeur is considered the most professional and knowledgeable and this is what truly separates a luxury base company from everyone else.

Black Car Service

Black car services do offer a much higher quality of transportation than the likes of Uber, but again it can be hit and miss when it comes to your ‘driver’ as opposed to the vetted ‘chauffeur that a luxury service offers. The cars are often neglected as there is no central system to keep check of all the drivers and the condition of the vehicles.

Black car companies can offer a wide range of vehicles, but because many of the classier types of vehicle such as the limousine are only requested seasonally- for example, wine tours and proms, the company is forced to keep older vehicles for years down the line. This reflects poorly on the service, and many of the drivers may even be part-time, serving as firemen for some of the week when business is quiet.

Uber Service

An Uber service is similar to a taxi rank or company in that it provides an on-demand transportation service. Uber drivers own their own car and anybody can register to be a driver, it’s a real mixed bag, and you will never know who you’re going to get.

The state of the vehicle is another issue to take into consideration, as there is no external vetting of the vehicles interior or on-hand mechanic. Drivers and customers can leave a short review after using a service like Uber or Lyft, but this is no guarantee of a quality service for a particular trip on the day you use it.

Livery Service

Livery is a term used for a chauffeur service which dates back to the time horses drew carriages- coming from the livery stable. It is a rented vehicle service, however, the driver does not own the vehicle they are driving. There is much less quality control with this type of livery service, as the driver does not bear the responsibility to maintain the vehicle they are renting.

Benefits of a Luxury Limousine Service

  • Compared to the other forms of service, a luxury chauffeur service stands above the crowd in more ways than one. Not only does it benefit from having the most up-to-date vehicles on the market, but these vehicles are also kept in the best condition possible.


  • Luxury limousine service in New York and other major cities know that they have to be at the top of their game, transporting celebrities and high-profile business figures who expect the best- they won’t be opting for an unsafe Uber like the majority.


  • You won’t find a luxury limousine driven by just anybody wearing whatever suits them; you benefit from a wealth of driving experience, proper vetting and a desire to please at every turn.


  • All vehicles in the fleet can easily be maintained from the same location by a team of dedicated mechanics and attendants. Every car that leaves from this luxury base chauffeur service is guaranteed to be in top condition, maintained to a high standard.


So if you want to travel in style, in safe and enjoyable surroundings trust a luxury base chauffeur service like Bermuda Limousine International to provide you just that. It’s not always about simply getting from A to B, and many of our customers choose us for reasons other than transportation.

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